Minerva Networks transforms virtual concert experience with watch together platform


Minerva Networks, the leading provider of management platforms for the delivery of next-generation television services, today announced an integration with A-LIVE, a European supplier of services for virtual concerts.

The two companies have assembled a disruptive solution for concert promoters that allows fans to enjoy new engaging virtual experiences. Innovative features for virtual concert goers include:

– Invite friends to, talk, chat, share sound effects and take group selfies and post on social media while watching a live streamed concert.

– Contribute background visual and audio content to the performance, enabling fans to “see themselves on stage” and the artist to “feel” the crowd.

– Chat one-on-one with the artist after the performance and record the conversation for social sharing.

Harnessing Minerva’s Watch Together platform, A-LIVE recently powered the highly anticipated Heroes concert at the Arena in Verona, Italy where 42 top Italian artists performed live to benefit the COVID-19 Fund for Music. More than 39,000 tickets were sold with approximately 3,500 people in the Arena and the rest attending virtually with the A-LIVE applications. During the concert tens of thousands of selfies were taken and shared with the Minerva platform and thousands of user generated images were displayed on the application ticker and on stage. Virtual attendees also contributed more than 50,000 sounds in the form of applause, howls of excitement, and more.

Next, during September, A-LIVE will power a virtual concert featuring Lacuna Coil, a popular Italian band.

“In the age of social distancing, concert promoters need to find new engaging ways to bring live music to people,” said Fabrizio Capobianco, Chief Innovation Officer at Minerva. “In partnership with A-LIVE we are able to deliver disruptive functionality that transforms virtual concerts worldwide and enables new experiences for both artists and fans.”

Following the Heroes concert, Riccardo Luna, a reporter from La Repubblica, Italy’s most prominent newspaper, commented on the event by stating, “When last Spring we wrote that the lockdown might turn out to be an opportunity to change things, we were right. Somebody has actually managed to do it.”

“New delivery mechanisms will shape the future of concerts, theater, sports, and other live events,” said Alex Braga, A-LIVE CEO. “Together with Minerva we have managed to deliver a groundbreaking solution that gives performers new exciting ways to engage with fans.”

Concert promoters can find more information at www.alivemusic.tv.

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