Modern dating for men – How does it work in the 21st century?


Times change, so do the approaches and places to meet a girlfriend and start dating her. The tips that worked well in the 10’s are no longer effective. Men need to look for new ways and places where they can meet their perfect match.

The thing that guys commonly mess up these days is the feeling of wanting a girlfriend and thinking if they want to find a girlfriend. Although these two things sound similar, there is a big difference between the two. Being in a relationship with a woman obligates you to invest a considerable amount of time, money, and energy in another person. If you look for ways to find your special someone, consider the following tips and find out how to find a date in 2021.

Tips on how to find a date

If you want to get a girlfriend, you need to go offline and try to approach women in real life. Luckily, there are many places where you can have fun and find a date potentially. Let’s enumerate them: 

  • bar
  • club
  • hookah lounge
  • beach
  • gym
  • modern art exhibition
  • coffee shop
  • food class, etc.

Mind your preferences when choosing a place where to go. For example, if you are not a big fan of dancing yet you go to a nightclub to find a date – you face the risk of meeting a girl who enjoys hanging out and looks for a man who can share her interests.

When you select a place where you’d like to hang out, just relax and look around. It’s likely that there will be a lot of single women. Have a little drink and treat a woman that appeals to you with a little drink. It will help you express your attitude and take the first step towards building relationships with that girl.

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How to get a girlfriend

Before you start looking for a girlfriend, you need to be honest with yourself and decide if it’s important for you to get a date. If you feel desperate about finding a woman, it’s not the best time to initiate your search. Calm down and take the first steps with peace of mind. The following step should help you get a girlfriend with whom you will start healthy and happy relationships. 

  • Be confident. It’s the trait of character that women appreciate in men. If you are clear in your mind about the things you want and look for in your partner, you will be ten times more attractive than your shy “competitor.”
  • Ask her out properly. This tip is closely connected with confidence and assertiveness. When asking a woman for a date, do not give her too many options. Instead of coming up with a vague proposal, think of a good date idea where you can get to know each other better and have a nice talk while drinking a cup of coffee. 
  • Take an active interest in the conversation with your lady. Women often complain that men do not take a lot of interest in the things they share. Don’t be one of them and focus on what she’s saying and ask relevant questions. 
  • Women don’t like lazy men. They appreciate it when their partners are ambitious. A man who feels passionate about different things and feels motivated to achieve set goals is more attractive and interesting to a lady. 
  • Master the art of flirting to get a girlfriend. The classic techniques of extended eye contact, smiling and compliments work well for setting a difference between friendship and love interest. 

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Good timing for dates

The best thing about dating is that it can happen anytime. However, things are different when you meet someone new and want to invite her for a date. In this case, there are three ideal times for the first date:

  • Dinner dates on Tuesday through Thursday. Many restaurants and bars have drink specials between 5 and 7 p.m. It’s a great idea to go on a date with your special someone without breaking a bank. The best thing about this is that the venue atmosphere is more relaxed during happy hours. Just make certain that you keep your drinking under control. 
  • Saturday morning can also be a perfect time for a date. If you enjoy spending Saturday mornings working out, why don’t you invite your special someone to share the routine with you? 
  • Dating on a Sunday afternoon lets you relax and refresh after a working week. You can spend the time while chatting freely about the things you’ve done over the weekend and talk with your partner about the enjoyable things you’ve planned for the upcoming week. 

Speaking about the time that should pass between the first and the second date, there is no one rule that fits everyone. The thing that’s clear is that the second date shouldn’t take more than two weeks after the first one.

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In a perfect scenario, the first several dates should be spaced close to each other to let you and your partner feel the moment. 

NSA relationships

There are many types and forms of building relationships with your partner. NSA relationships are one of them. It stands for No Strings Attached, meaning that two people look for relationships without commitment. It sounds similar to open relationships, but it’s not the same. In an NSA relationship, you can also meet other people besides dating your special someone. Based on what terms and conditions you agree with your partner, you may be free to date and have sex with another person. NSA relationships are the way to go for those people who do not want to be tied down with one person. Instead, they are looking for new experiences, both romantic and sexual, with someone else except for their main partner. 

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Unicorn dating

Besides the NSA relationships, you may also try unicorn dating. It’s a type of relationship when one person sexually interacts with couples. In most cases, it happens between heterosexual couples and a bisexual girl. 

Why is it called this way? The point is that only a few bisexual women are ready for physical relationships with couples. Dating a unicorn is a type of polyamory. Here is an awesome post about unicorn dating.

Online dating

It’s one more trend that has been popular for more than a decade already. You do not even have to leave your home to find a special someone from another country or part of the world. In recent years, it’s become especially popular to start dating Slavic girls online. 

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Using online dating platforms, you can easily interact with a person who attracts you, have fun in live chats and video chats. While going for this type of dating, rely only on safe and proven online dating sites that value their reputation. Check out feedback from other members of the dating site and learn about their experience. Make sure that you invest your time wisely. 

Final words

There is no exact formula that works for all men looking for love in the 21st century. Some tips work best for one person, while another one benefits from a different kind of dating approach. Whatever way you decide to go, you should take the first step and try something new. Success will follow.

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