Money in the digital age


The way money is handled has changed drastically in recent times. Just a few years ago physical coins was commonplace, now credit cards and apps are taking over.

This has changed the way businesses are handling their customers, and the way credit card companies are operating. For instance, additional services like cashback, membership offers and insurance are usual add-ons to most credit cards.

But also the rise of smartphones like iPhone and Android phones has made payment easier for most people. Apple Pay and Google Pay will likely be the most used way to purchase stuff in a physical store.

Also online shopping now has added services at checkout like financing. Doing banking online or on an app has become the most used way to do your financial tasks like paying bills, applying for loans and so on.

All of these developments are obviously beneficial for customers. Online financial services like comparing loan offers can save lenders lots of money. This is especially true in the consumer loan market where Norwegian companies like Zmarta offers free interest comparing services on consumer loans, or forbrukslån as it is called in Norway.

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