Never enough HDMI

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Mixing older technology with newer is not always an easy task and you can find yourself making lots of trips to the local electronics store to get the right stuff to get the job done. HDMI is just such a condition, you want the superior video quality of HDMI and less of a wiring mess as compared to Component or RCA cables but your existing gear does not have the necessary ports. Well, if you are like me and don’t want to have to buy a new receiver just because you now have HDMI enabled components, there are options for you. I was in just such a situation with HDMI when I got my first Blu-ray player.

HDMI was just becoming main stream and my new toy was not going to work at it high potential if I had to use my old cables. I already had a receiver that I spent a lot of money on and did not want to replace it but I wanted to take advantage of the better picture quality of the HDMI output on my new equipment. I could run them through my TV, but I didn’t have enough HDMI inputs. Now I’m thinking what I should do, I either had to leave a few things as they were or find another way to increase the number of ports. Back then I didn’t really have a way to increase the number of inputs, so I left somethings on the old component cables.

Luckily for people in a similar situation now it has become much easier now that you can buy HDMI hubs which are similar to USB hubs for your computers. You have one connection to your receiver or TV and then the hub will give you 2 or more HDMI ports to plug into and boom you are up and running. In the long run HDMI is much better for picture quality and I highly recommend making the change if you can.

The best way to avoid getting home and realizing you do not have the correct cables is to do your research about what you are adding or replacing on your theater has for connections to connect cleanly to your existing equipment. Also, by researching in advance you can shop for the best cables at the best prices online and having them at home waiting for your new component. Hopefully HDMI will be around awhile before something new comes out and you can get your money’s worth out of your cables and equipment.

I have always like to have the newest electronic toys as they come out but I generally always wait to make sure all of the bugs are worked out and of course let the price start to drop. I am always looking for the best prices and you can find great products at great prices by going to where if you don’t see it just ask us and we will do their best to locate the item for you.

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