Organ Mug new single “Intoned In The Distance” out now (VIDEO)


Organ Mug returns with the single «Intoned In The Distance», on which he plays with sounds from mechanical elements to build a poppier song that anything he’s ever done.

Throughout the track, one can hear a bicycle bell, tools from his workshop, screwdrivers hitting against a wrench and a toolbox full of screws and nails. All while a typewriter produces the rhythm. These small mechanical sounds serve as a metaphor for bigger systemic machinery: Organ Mug invokes both Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Rube Goldberg’s machines on a song that is, at the core, a call to unite in the face of an ecological disaster.

Reaching beyond outrage, «Intoned In The Distance» is an invitation to cooperate, to move towards degrowth.

The animated video for «Intoned In The Distance» was directed by Camille Bovey and uses cyanotypes of the early industrial era.

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