Panasonic kicks off ultra-high density Wi-Fi

panasonic wi-fi
panasonic wi-fi
Panasonic introduces ultra-high density Wi-Fi for sports and entertainment.

Today, Panasonic has introduced a new Wi-Fi solution intended to transform the connected fan experience in large sports and entertainment venues. Everest Network Solutions is engineered from the ground up to overcome the challenges of connecting tens of thousands of devices in ultra-high density environments.

“With Everest, we are literally changing the fan experience,” said Jim Doyle, President, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

“Ultra-high density wireless presents a significant set of engineering challenges. Our system offers increased throughput, the greatest number of simultaneous engagements per access point and a significant reduction in hardware and installation costs.”

Everest requires only one third the wireless hardware of traditional legacy systems. Everest access points mount on structures rather than under seats, making it much quicker and cost-effective to install. The Basecamp™ user control interface provides easy, intuitive system setup, management and analytics. The system can serve as many as 500 simultaneous client engagements from one access point. Everest has been extensively tested in sold-out arenas, stadiums and major convention centers across the country.

“Panasonic’s solution offers clients strong improvement in performance, finally opening the doors to a richer guest experience, while simultaneously reducing the total cost of ownership,” said Danny Abelson, Vice President of Connectivity at Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

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