Parables and Truli partners up

Family-friendly entertainment grows., the 24/7 network that delivers thought-provoking and inspiring faith-based entertainment, announced a content distribution agreement with, a family-friendly website featuring thousands of On-demand videos and streaming content in English and Spanish.

As a result of this agreement, audience now has access to Parables’ robust collection of uplifting Christian movies and series, captivating documentaries, educational children’s programming and acclaimed original productions.

“We are very excited that Parables is now available on, allowing its viewers to now watch On Demand movies from Parables and to subscribe to Parables’ monthly subscription service,” said Bob Higley, CEO Parables and Upliftv.

“A partnership between Parables and Truli makes sense. Both Truli and Parables provide families with an alternative to traditional network television. Our partnership creates the perfect combination of faith and family-friendly programming options and a large selection of full-length feature films,” stated Michael Jay Solomon, Founder and Chairman of Truli Media Corporation.

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