How to play bingo for free

Free bingo online.

Did you know that you can play online bingo for free? By joining certain bingo halls on the web, you can receive free money to play for. This gives you a chance to win big without risking a cent of your own cash.

Also, when you transfer money to a new bingo account, you can receive a lot of free money to play with.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about free bingo offers. In a few minutes you can be playing for free – with a chance to win real cash prizes!

There are many online bingo halls to choose from
Nowadays you can pick and choose from a vast selection of bingo halls online. The enormous popularity this hobby enjoys, means that a lot of companies have entered the market.

They all strive to come up with the best service offering possible. The competition means that they are constantly forced to launch new innovations and tempting campaigns.

For us bingo players, the result is a market place that is teeming with great offers. If you want, you can take your time and check out a number of bingo halls to find the one that’s perfect for you. A very efficient way of doing this is to visit one of the dedicated bingo sites you will find online. They specialize in offering insightful reviews about web-based bingo operators.

They also list current campaigns and special offers. Some also include helpful articles about how to play bingo and in-depth FAQs.

New members get bonuses
Perhaps the most beneficial consequence of the intense competition that exists between bingo halls, is that they now all offer new members some sort of bonus.

Because they are so eager to attract new customers, they are happy to put free money on the table in the shape of a bonus. This is absolutely true: the bingo halls will let you play free of charge, on the house, when you open an account.

The size of the bonus varies greatly, but one thing is true for all bonus offerings: they give you the chance to play – and win – for free.

As a new player, this is obviously great news. Bingo is a terrifically fun and entertaining hobby. Being able to play on the house, offers you the opportunity to enjoy hours of bingo without incurring cost.

Needless to say, bonuses are very popular. Whenever you are looking for a new bingo provider, you should always prioritize finding some place that offers an enticing bonus!

Play for free with a free gift
One type of bonus that has become more and more widespread among bingo halls on the web, is the so-called free gift.

A free gift is a certain amount of money that you receive as soon as you open an account – before you make a deposit. That is to say, you receive money to play bingo for free without having to risk a single cent of your own cash. You can play – and win – entirely for free.

When you accept a free gift, you do not commit to ever transfering money to the bingo hall. You are entirely free to play for the money you got, and then go away and never visit the bingo provider ever again.

This might sound outlandishly generous, but the bingo halls are so confident that you will enjoy playing with them that they feel sure you’ll become a long-term customer if you just try playing with them.

Most free gifts are worth in the region of 10 dollars. In other words, we are not talking about a chance to play for extended periods. But it is enough to buy quite a few bingo tickets, and take part in a few draws.
Obviously, if lady luck is smiling on you, and you win, you can play on and get more fun for free!

Play for free with a bonus
If it’s big bucks you’re after, you should check out the deposit bonuses on offer with certain bingo providers. They can yield anything up to 1000 dollars, or even more!

A deposit bonus is a bonus you receive when you transfer money to your bingo account. Many bingo halls offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit as a new customer. That means that they double the amount you can play for – for free!

Such bonuses always have a maximum limit, usually in the region of 100 – 500 dollars. However, it is possible to receive substantially more. Clearly, a deposit bonus can be the source of countless hours of free bingo.

One particularly tempting offer can be found with Maria. This popular bingo provider offers a 100% bonus worth up to 1000 euros (or the equivalent in your chosen currency) for new members. This vast amount of money can be used in Maria’s range of bingo rooms.

Whereas most bingo halls offer a bonus of this kind on your initial deposit, some also offer bonuses on subsequent transfers as well. One example of this is where all customers get a 50% bonus on all their deposits.

Other free bingo offers
Free gifts and bonuses used to be the only forms of free credits bingo halls on the web offered to their customers. This is no longer the case.

As the competition hots up, the bingo halls are forced to come up with ever more innovative campaigns.
One company that stands out in this respect, is Unibet Bingo. This very popular bingo provider offers up a whole smorgasbord of cool goodies for new customers.

First of all, you gain access to a free bingo room. For two hours during each of your first seven days a Unibet Bingo member you can play free of charge – with a chance to win money!

Money, you win in this way, cannot be withdrawn from your account. However, you can use it to buy bingo tickets with which you can win real cash that you can do whatever you want with.

Another great Unibet Bingo feature is their 25-euro gift. As soon as you have bought bingo tickets for a combined value of 25 euros, the company will give 25 more euros to play for. A very nice little extra!

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