Pornhub celebrates International Female Orgasm Day by pausing videos


Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, today announced the launch of its “Orgasm Gap” campaign in honor of International Female Orgasm Day, an initiative geared toward closing the orgasm gap in heterosexual relationships. As part of the campaign, Pornhub will interrupt videos most popular with straight men at the 40% timestamp to highlight the percentage of women in heterosexual relationships who do not reach orgasm during sex.

Additionally, to motivate straight men to take care of unfinished business, Pornhub is inviting women to visit the campaign’s landing page to reward the men who successfully made them climax with an official orgasm giver certification.

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Studies have found that only 60% of heterosexual women reach orgasm during sex, while more than 85% of queer couples reach orgasm together. What’s more, research indicates that women experience orgasm much more frequently and quickly while masturbating than with a male partner. To raise awareness for the orgasm gap, Pornhub will interrupt videos most viewed by straight men at the 40% mark over the weekend so that they can share in this frustration as well.

“Researchers demystified the female orgasm decades ago by highlighting the importance of clitoral stimulation and foreplay for women to reach The Big O,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. “Yet, in straight relationships, women are still getting the short end of the stick in nearly half of all of their sexual encounters. The party shouldn’t end as soon as the man reaches orgasm, which is why we’re encouraging straight men to do their research to ensure everyone gets over the finish line. For visual learners, you can check out one of the thousands of female orgasm instructional videos on our site.” 

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Creative agency Bar Ogilvy partnered with Pornhub on the creation and execution of this campaign.

“In a time when women are working towards equality on many fronts, the orgasm gap struck us as a somewhat overlooked matter. This proved to be very motivating for our creative team”, said Nuno Riça & João Amaral, Bar Ogilvy Creative Directors.“And with Pornhub’s reputation of tackling so many important issues, this was just as ‘on brand’ as it gets.”

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To reward straight men who step up to the plate for their partner, women can insert the names of the men who made them come to high heaven on the campaign’s landing page to generate an official certificate for every guy who gets the job done.  

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