A.I. Social Robot debuts in Europe

A.I. Social Robot ‘Musio’. Photo: themusio.com.

AKA, the developer of the world’s first artificially intelligent social robot Musio, announced the opening of its new office in Berlin, Germany. With AKA’s new strategic pivot to Europe, Musio will continue to innovate the forefront of the A.I. industry and address the world’s growing demand for a robot companion capable of interacting socially with people of all ages.

“We are excited to finally announce Musio’s debut in Europe,” said Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA LLC. “Musio has already received positive responses from consumers in Japan with its natural conversation features, and we believe Musio’s brilliant interactive abilities to learn from experience and share emotions with users as a friend and a family will capture the hearts of European consumers.”

AKA’s new office will be located in the city’s renowned start up campus Factory Berlin, and will be open to all prospective partners and customers who wish to experience Musio’s leading A.I. technology first hand.

Local enthusiasts can also meet Musio at Germany’s Vitra Design Museum until May 14. Vitra will be the first runner of the three prestigious European museums (Vitra, MAK, and Design Museum Gent) hosting the multinational exhibition project ‘Hello Robot – Design between Human and Machine’.

Musio and other top robotics designs from around the world will be showcased to residents in Germany, Austria and Belgium and all visitors throughout 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

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