Top Design Firms releases July 2020’s best logo design and brand identity firms


Every month the Top Design Firms (TDF) team ranks the most outstanding design firms nationwide. Based on project scope, client assessment, originality, and creativity the firms are assessed.

As of July 2020, the ranking group is pleased to announce its newest top firms in the category of best logo design & brand identity firms. Lounge Lizard, Hudson Integrated, and Ruckus Marketing take the top three spots, with eDesign Interactive and Brockton following close behind.

More about July 2020’s Best Logo Design & Brand Identity Firms:

Lounge Lizard

Turning your business into a brand is no easy task, but the branding firm at Lounge Lizard brings creative strategy and business-oriented solutions to create the ultimate brand identity.

Hudson Integrated

Branding takes strategy, creativity, and innovation. One of the most talented branding firms, Hudson Integrated has exactly what it takes, and more to create a brand you can be proud to call your own.

Ruckus Marketing

One of the best branding firms, Ruckus works hard to make sure that each logo they produce is truly outstanding. It’s more than a design, it’s a unique symbol that represents the culture and value of your business.

eDesign Interactive

The branding team at eDesign Interactive surpasses all expectations in logo design and branding with incredible skill and creativity. With an expansive portfolio of client work and a true passion for the industry, eDesign Interactive is a true top choice for all your logo design/branding projects.


From unique logo design, to innovative branding methods, Brockton takes creativity & genius marketing to create branding that inspires and motivates.

Typework Studio

Taking ideas and turning them into reality is a TypeWork Studio specialty. Each employee takes on your business as if it was their own, and works hard to represent your company’s culture in logo design & branding.


Makespace is one of those branding firms that transforms branding into a true representation of everything good your business has to offer. From strategy, to logo design, this innovative team works hard to create truly amazing work.

Maxburst, Inc.

Maxburst gets that your brand is the most important aspect of your business. They work hard to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed, and that your brand’s culture is represented in every detail they create.


This team of artists create truly stellar work with the goal of exceeding all client expectations. From intricate design to marketing created to perform, you can rely on the branding firm of Deluxe.

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