UK rapper dereck d.a.c. new single “dereckVSLIFE” out now (VIDEO)


From rapping along to songs with school friends to releasing his debut LP, Brighton artist dereck d.a.c. has experienced a lot more than your average 23 year old, both in the music industry and in life.

This is proven in his track “dereckVSLIFE” which features in his latest project “Who Sold My Soul?” The track helps to tell the story demonstrated throughout the album of a young man’s lifelong struggle in modern day society.

Packed with a mix of down to earth lyricism, creative samples and a raw, unique sound courtesy of producer KIANVSLIFE, dereck d.a.c. delivers in every way he set out to with this track. In the accompanying music video, the artist pays homage to the likes of MF Doom and uses retro-style video clips to paint the picture of the story even more.

Dereck d.a.c.’s latest and most accomplished body of work Who Sold My Soul? Is out now and has been featured on Bandcamp’s best selling vinyl & cassette as well as the Vinyl Factory’s best albums of the week. dereckVSLIFE has been added into the Adidas store playlist and Happy was placed in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

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