4 things you should buy in Dubai

Shopping i Dubai?

Whether you are a die-hard shopaholic or a mere souvenir collector, Dubai will give you a shopping experience that you will live to tell. There are many things that you can shop in Dubai. Some of the best include:

Due to its open port policy, products in the country aren’t taxed. Due to this products there sell at unbelievable low prices. Whether you are looking for a computer, phone, tablet, iPad, radio or any other electronic device you will find it at amazingly low price. If you want to buy it at even lower prices or even get it for free, you should attend the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). This is an annual exhibition that lasts for a whole week and attracts the biggest brands in the IT world.

If you miss the exhibition, and want to buy electronics at low prices, you should visit the Al Fahidi street in Bur Dubai. The street is known for high quality, but affordable electronics. When making the purchase, remember to ask for an international warranty.

The only country that is known to have more and beautiful carpets than Dubai is Iran. You will find different types of carpets in Dubai including: Turkish, Kashmiri, Iranian and Persian carpets. When buying the carpets go for the handmade ones as they are beautiful and last for a long time. You should note that Iranian carpets are costlier as they are made from natural dyes.

One of the best times to get the units at low prices is during the Dubai shopping festival. This is an event that takes place during the first week of January and lasts for a month. If you are in the country after the festival has ended, you can get great deals from a number of malls in the country including the mall of emirates and Dubai mall.

Gold jewelry
The best time to buy the jewelry is during the Dubai shopping festival. The festival attracts many sellers from different parts of the world. Since no seller wants to go back with stock, the sellers sell their jewelry at low prices. If you visit the country at other times of the year and want to buy jewelry, there are plenty of stores in the country where you can buy at low prices. The key to buying at low prices at these places is bargaining. You should also visit different stores and compare prices and designs.

I’m sure you have heard people saying that they are going to Dubai to shop for clothes. This is because you can literary find clothes of any design in the country. In addition to finding great bargains during the Dubai shopping festival, you can also find clothes at low prices in The Prime Dubai Designer market which is a community event that takes place every month. You should note that international shopping brands aren’t tax free; therefore, they tend to be expensive.

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