4 Useful USB-C accessories for the laptop

usb laptop
usb laptop
Useful USB-C Accessories.

The USB-C is one of the latest ports on the computer hardware and accessories, and provides plenty of useful benefits. It has the ability to combine connectivity, output and power into a single lead. This means it is possible to reduce the available ports on the latest laptop models from about five down to two. The USB-C port has been around for enough time now for a wide range of adapters, cables and accessories to appear in the market. Here are four of the most practical and useful accessories:

A USB C adapter is a practical piece of equipment for those with a new laptop with the latest connector, but still need to power several older USB devices. A simple, lightweight hub with two or three sockets is an essential piece of equipment and can easily be carried with the laptop when on-the-go. Plus, an added benefit of these hubs is the ability to plug directly into the laptop without the need to rely on a separate AC adapter.

Docking station
A docking station is a practical piece of kit when you get back to the office. The docking station has multiple sockets that make it possible to immediately connect to other peripherals like a full-size keyboard or large display screen. In addition to including a type-C port, the adapters can also include an Ethernet connection and multiple USB 3 ports. For high-quality display for presentations or similar uses, the docking station can include outputs that provide up to 4K HDMI resolution, as well as audio jacks and SD card slots.

Thumb drives
Until the manufacturers have caught up and offer one standard port for all devices, it can benefit to use one of the thumb drives that have the ability to accept both standard and USB-C plugs. These dual-purpose thumb drives are built with two plugs, so you simply fit the appropriate plug to the type of port that matches the type and speed, which is either USB-A or USB-C.

External drives
There are plenty of external drives that not only offer a safe and practical place to store files, pictures, videos, etc., but also come with plugs to accept both the USB 3 or C devices. Many of the large external drives rely on an AC adapter for power, so a more practical piece of hardware for the office space. Also, a further function of the drives is the ability to charge a tablet, smart phone, notebook or similar device while connected.

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