Emotional AI-based technology to revolutionize social matchmaking

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Switzerland-based start-up fortuite recently unveiled the development of its Emotional AI-based matchmaking technology with the filing of two patents in the United States. This technology has the potential to connect those who demonstrate maximum social adhesion and minimum social friction. The ground-breaking technology will be developed based on preliminary compelling psychological, sociological and, neurological research in collaboration with renowned universities and some of the best AI labs in the world. 

Jean-Claude Artonne, co-founder at fortuit and Dr. James Ionson, both co-authors of the patent, said, “Our approach is unique because it goes beyond solely physiological factors and takes into consideration sensory and psychological parameters such as synergies and feelings associated with the five senses to match individuals or group of individuals. We want to increase people’s chance or “fortuity” of unexpected but pleasant meetings that can lead to solid connections, be it a friend, business partner or romantic partner, and Emotional AI is the perfect solution to do so.” 

Building on this innovative approach of social friction and adhesion as well as the latest research, fortuit aims to create a fully operational and inclusive App accessible globally by 2022. It will allow its users to find matches based on psychological features. The platform will then organize carefully curated events in safe, comfortable and tailored settings for the newly made connections. Fortuite™ will kick off its events with a niche group. 

Isabelle Segarini, Executive VP of Operations, said, “We will first begin with limited influencer gatherings this year, allowing influencers to meet and really connect with their fans. Only when it is safe to do so, we will open our platform to people of all age groups, income levels, and social preferences and allow them to meet those whom they find interesting.” 

With the new technology in place, fortuit’s goal is to bring people closer and reduce loneliness and isolation, which are turning out to be global health risks, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jean-Claude said, “Human connections anywhere and of any type are built on feelings and emotions so when it comes to matchmaking, we need to think beyond what has been done so far; we need a catalyst that helps people connect substantially better. I am happy that with the help of mathematics and AI, we can translate this abstract idea into a tangible and user-friendly service that helps people hang out and find business partners, friends or even soulmates and hence, revolutionize matchmaking.” 

Further, fortuit will achieve its goal while paying special attention to its values of security, confidentiality, and trust. 

He added, “We want to help people connect better but without any unsolicited exchange of personal data. We believe that business models based on selling and buying data will soon be outdated, and protecting privacy is a core value that we stand for.”

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