The world is going mobile, and so should websites

david jensen

In the earlier days of the internet, websites was not responsive, the where made for desktops and had typically standard sizes, and viewing sites on a smartphone was not optimal.

Actually, most websites was really difficult to read an navigate because of the extreme shrinking the smartphones had to do. But now most sites is mobile-friendly. But not all, and that irritates seasoned web designers.

“Most websites are shrinking automatically, but most of the sites online are not mobile friendly, they are hard to navigate, the menus are too small and so on” says web designer and manager David Jensen of Drammen Webdesign.

Apparently, it is not only about font sizes, it is about making the amount of information shorter and easier to read.

“The text is the real challenge, the customer or the reader has a limited amount of time to evaluate your information before they decide to read on or visit the next site on the list” Jensen says.

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