GorillaPDF launches online OCR converter


GorillaPDF released another tool just two months after the last update. Now users can easily extract text from images and get it in a PDF file. This is known as optical character recognition which is a technology that reads handwritten or printed text inside digital documents or images.

“We are seeing a great demand for OCR tools that help users get the content from a scanned documents such scanned books or turn business card into a list of contacts.” said Todor Arsov, the co-founder of GorillaPDF.

The OCR converter is adjusted to work with .jpg and .png images, but the expectations are to accept scanned PDF documents in near future. The output file is in PDF format with editable text scanned from the image. It’s very accurate and recognizes more than hundred languages. 

This is a huge improvement for GorillaPDF, and the team want to continue with the high velocity of releasing new products. Moreover, the online OCR converter is one step closer to something as powerful as the PDF to Word and PDF Editor.

This tool adds more value to the current toolset which is composed of other useful apps such as Convert to PDF, Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Encrypt and Unlock PDF.

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