5 ways of increasing your cashback rewards

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credit cards
Get more from your credit cards.

Cashback rewards are incentive programs offered by companies to encourage the use of credit cards issued to users. The programs have a percentage of money spent paid back to card holders; the rewards can be in points, miles or monetary amount. The monetary amount benefit is what is referred to as a cash back reward. Different credit cards offer different cash back levels in relation to the purchase made. Budget conscious card holders can really benefit from the rewards and there are a number of ways that you can increase the rewards that you get with every purchase.

1. Right use – Considering that different issuers offer varying incentives for the use, it is best that you find out as much as you can about credit cards available to you and what they can fetch you with every purchase. With the right credit cards, you will be able to plan purchases accordingly to make the most of the cashback offers.

2. Cashback website sign ups – There are very good websites that offer the cash back programs providing rebates for every use of their links to make online purchases. If you are a regular online shopper, then this approach can be a very good one at accumulating the rewards. Find a few of the most reputable websites and sign up to start adding up your rewards.

3. Use to pay bills – Most service providers now make it possible for their customers to pay monthly bills automatically using credit cards. Using your card for this purpose within a year can earn you a good amount of monetary rewards from the card issuer. The amount you can earn depends on the cash back reward percentage your card offers.

4. Get new cards – Whereas it may not be advisable to sign up for too many credit cards, especially over a short period because of credit score hurts, applying for a few new cards can be a great way of increasing the rewards that you enjoy. For instance, you can apply for a travel card that earns you bonus points in travel rewards when you travel. The only thing you have to ensure is that your cards are in line with the spending habits so you are able to earn more cash back rewards.

5. Read the fine print – Cashback rewards are attracted by purchases and other credit card usage. However, not everything credit card use will fetch you good value. In some cases, there may be limits to specific products and services to enjoy the rewards and there could also be targets of the amount spent before you can claim the bonuses and cash back rewards. To make the right choices, therefore ensure that you take the time to study the rewards catalogue and reading the fine print before you apply for a given credit card. The last thing you should do is end up spending way over your means just to claim the incentives.

Credit card rewards can be very beneficial not just in getting your discounts every time you shop, but also in fetching you fee waivers. Use a reliable cashback comparison site to make the right perk choices.

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