Automate home accessories with IFTTT

Skylink Announces IFTTT Compatibility With Connected Home Accessories.

New IFTTT (If This Then That) capabilities allow the SkylinkNet suite to interact with other industry leading connected home accessories. Skylink Group, a leading provider of connected home safety solutions, today announced its compatibility with IFTTT.

The new function allows homeowners to connect the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit to other industry leading connected home accessories including Amazon Echo, Nest Cam, WeMo, and Phillips Hue.

Homeowners can also run recipes for functions unrelated to other smart devices, bringing advance functionality to the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit.

SkylinkNet& IFTTT Recipes:

Turn Philips Hue to Red when SkylinkNet is in Panic (Alarm)
Use Amazon Echo to set your SkylinkNet alarm system to Arm Away
If motion sensor is activated, turn on Wemo light switch
When you leave home with smartphone, set SkylinkNet to Arm Away
If Nest Cam detects motion, turn on SkylinkNet lamp
Create an event log on Google Drive for all related events
When SkylinkNet Hub is in specific mode, send an email notification
Arm/Disarm SkylinkNet with a push of a button

It seems one can actually automate your home with this. “Homes have become much smarter and we are offering our customers new ways to make them even more intelligent,” says Gallen Tsui, President, Skylink. “Our system provides homeowners with a more hands on experience of keeping their families safe, while cutting costs on monitoring fees, and with the introduction of the IFTTT functionality they will be exposed to other facets of the smart home.”

The SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit retails for $159, and is available at,, and many more.

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