More brands watching social media

Brands on social media. Photo: LogoGrab.

Picture and video sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are increasing rapidly. And some of the world’s biggest brands are interested in knowing what customers share about them on social media.

And with the recent partnership between LogoGrab and Brandwatch this has become more effective. LogoGrab, the world’s best technology to identify brands in images and videos, has just announced a strategic partnership with Brandwatch, the global leader in social intelligence.

Named Deloitte’s Fast 50 in 2016, the UK enterprise provides smart solutions that empower marketers to capture, analyze, and share insights from social data to better prove the value of marketing in social.

In 2016, LogoGrab has already integrated its technology into solutions for companies as diverse as Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Vodafone. This allows those major brands to capture brand insights in the Visual Age and drive engagement on mobile. LogoGrab is now consolidating its position as the No. 1 supplier of Brand Detection technology to best-in-breed social listening and analytics leaders including Brandwatch.

Speaking ahead of the CES 2017, LogoGrab Co-Founder and CEO Luca Boschin said, “We’re very excited to be at CES again this year. The demand for this type of solution is driven by the exponential growth in images on social media — including selfies. In 2012, people shared 200 million images a day — today the figure is four billion. That plays to our strengths. LogoGrab technology is built for massive scale.”

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