Breakthrough solar panel works at night

solar panel

ZPower Corporation unveiled a new solar technology that produces electricity constantly, both day and night. This technology also demonstrates a 2.5 times greater output than comparable solar panels, the equivalent to 77% conversion efficiency (the best solar panels are at 22%).

* A new Solar Panel by ZPower produces constant electricity – day and night.
* These ZPower Panels produce 2.5 times greater electricity than same-size solar panels.
* The first Product using this technology is in development – a 1 Megawatt Power Plant – to power 500 homes by your electric utility.

“ZPower has a revolutionary technology with the potential to significantly boost energy output.” – Prof Jan Capjon, Professor Emeritus, Dr Ing. University of South-Eastern Norway

“The ZPower technology can generate constant electricity anywhere, even underground. The world needs a technology like this to overcome current energy problems.” – Jason Kim, Research Scientist and Lab Manager

The electric utility industry is experiencing dramatic changes, installing clean energy generators (solar and wind) that are intermittent, requiring expensive storage batteries to provide continuous power. The ZPower solar technology provides an around-the-clock energy solution, making current solar panels obsolete, disrupting a $2 trillion market.

ZPower panels produce electricity 24 hours/day (versus solar panels at 6 hours/day) showing a 400% improvement. Also, these new panels also produce 50 watts per ft², compared to the best solar panels at 20 watts per ft², showing an additional 250% improvement.

ZPower has proven its technology to dozens of engineers, government officials, and businessmen. The company is developing its first product for 2020 release, a 1 Megawatt Power Plant, large enough to power 500 homes, the size of a 20-foot container. A $340 million contract for ZPower’s Power Plants is available from an Asian government.

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