Brushed brass – the new interior design trend

brushed brass
brushed brass
Brushed brass lamps.

Every now and then you notice when a new style or trend is going to be the next big thing. Brushed brass is probably the next big thing.

Between the hottest trends and the enduring classics, you can find trendy and timeless colours, patterns, or shapes—those aspects of designs that will always be in vogue. A must-have for autumn and winter as well as a tone that will define next year, “brushed brass” is a sophisticated interior trend that never goes out of style.

Inspired by nature and with their characteristic organic, triangular-shaped blades, the VITA Silvia and VITA Conia lamps cast a warm and glare-free ambient light, making them artistic pieces to illuminate that special spot in a home. The stylish brushed brass colour confers a glamourous edge to the design and tells a “story” of authenticity and timelessness.

The VITA Silvia and VITA Conia’s new exquisite brass colour makes these lamps a must-have for the holiday season and the “stars” of any environment. They look stunning in a classic or traditional setting and, at the same time, they perfectly complement any contemporary or eclectic décors. The subtle brushed brass accents make the VITA Silvia and VITA Conia lamps stand out and bring all the other home decorations to life, elegantly enhancing each other while creating a sleek designer look.

Available in a mini and medium size, the brushed brass finish is an addition to the white, copper, and steel versions of the VITA Silvia lamp and to the white and copper versions of VITA Conia. These could be used either as pendants, floor lamps, or table lamps, making these lamps versatile design pieces. Because the light bulb is not visible from any angle, these stylish lampshades are perfect for any height and any place in a home.

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