Charity campaign by Billebeino a big success


The success of the campaign by Finnish clothing brand Billebeino and charity organization Apuna ry, has exceeded the expectations.

Billebeino donated 15% of the sales profits to aid in the food supply for low-income families. During the two week campaign many organizations and individuals joined for the good cause.

“The gesture by Billebeino offering to help us during the corona crisis was amazing in itself. The campaign and inviting other parties to join, brought us the help we couldn’t have imagined before” tells Heidi Jaari, the chair of Apuna ry´s board.

The corona pandemic has especially affected the low-income households, forcing parents to use all their resources to find ways to provide food for their families. The charity organization Apuna ry does all in their power to help the families during the ongoing crisis.

”With this campaign we have managed to get help from multiple parties, enabling us to deliver help to where it’s needed the most”, thanks Jaari.

By this far the campaign has been volunteered by another Finnish clothing brand Makia, influencer marketing company Hypement Oy, food alliance ‘We are Group’, and numerous well-known public figures, such as Maryam Razavi, Heikki Paasonen, Jenni Alexandrova, Sami Kuronen, Juha Perälä and Shirly Karvinen.

”It has been great to see how many people have joined us in this campaign. Despite the difficult situation for us all, there is a strong will to find ways and time to help the ones in need”, says Ville Leino founder of Billebeino.

”The campaign exceeded all of our expectations; it was a domino-effect with various companies and individuals joining our cause. From the bottom of our hearts, Billebeino team wants to thank everyone who participated. We are also proud to announce that we have agreed to continue the cooperation with Apuna ry in the future as well.”

According to Heidi Jaari, Apuna ry has traditionally been a “silent helper”, which made their work challenging during the unexpected crisis. Changes have been made in these exceptional times to be more visible, therewith the coverage of the campaign has been helpful to everyone.

“The sense of social responsibility in the community and helping each other is on the rise, and we have received amazing donations that help us to provide for the low-income families and children in need. Because of the campaign, many food distributors also found Apuna ry and discovered us as a channel of distributing left-over food. Most importantly, many people needing help have now found us”.

”It has been wonderful to notice how something so good can come out from a bad situation. By supporting each other we can create goodness. The help by Billebeino has been enormous to us in multiple ways. All I can say is thank you” ends Heidi Jaari.

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