Emerging technology is changing banking

banking future

The finance industry is being transformed by emerging technologies. Futurist Jack Uldrich discussed the opportunities and challenges this could create for banking last week at two events in Canada.

Acclaimed futurist speaker Jack Uldrich was in Canada last week to share his insights on the future of banking with executives from a leading bank. The first event was held in Vancouver on Tuesday. Uldrich then traveled to Banff, Alberta, to speak at another event for the same bank the next day.

The next decade is hardly more than two years away. What might the world of 2020 look like? How will the banking and finance change? More importantly, how will banking leaders need to change? According to Uldrich, “The answer, in two short words – a lot.”

In his presentations, Uldrich addressed the changes and challenges of the digital world in the next 10 years. He said that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, gaming dynamics, nanotechnology, Big Data, chatbots and peer-to-peer lending will continue to drive seismic change and transform nearly every facet of society, including banking.

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