Free symbols and fonts for tattoos


Are you planning on getting a tattoo? As you already know, planning your tattoo is important. After all, your tattoo is permanent so it better look good. There are lots of really cool symbols, dingbats and typefaces you can use to spice up your tattoo and take it to the next level.

There are lots of tattoo sites that offer symbols and fonts for tattoos, but they are not free, and some actually cots lots of money. However, there are also websites that offer lots of symbols and fonts totally free. One of these sites is

The site even has a free tattoo font category. The site offers a variety of classic symbols, new and cool symbols – and lots of fonts.

For example you can find the classic boat symbols. If you are a black metal fan you will like the black metal logo symbols font. You should also check out the Illuminati symbols font.

In addition there is a big collection of classic tattoo fonts in all variations.

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