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In this day and age, Google has become the dominant force on the market maybe even more than ever before.

Even though there are companies trying to offer alternatives, there isn’t really much to offer when going against Google, or at least competing in the same league.

However, if you take the time to really research and try out alternatives for the usual Google apps there are actually quite a few of them available. We have compiled a list of the best alternatives to Google apps for business (and also some for personal use) that you can find on iTunes.

Google Docs vs Quip
While Google docs have been getting more and more popular by the day, Quip has been on the stage for quite a while. This app can be a great alternative to Google Docs as it offers almost all the features, including creating documents, making spreadsheets, chatting with people, making tasks and sharing documents. Quip takes a bit of getting used to just like any other app you switch to, but you definitely won’t be regretting this choice!

Google Sheets vs OfficeSuite
Now, OfficeSuite isn’t your regular spreadsheet app – it is actually a whole Office pack (if the name isn’t obvious enough). While there aren’t too many spreadsheet focused apps other than MS Office Excel, and with that being said – Office Suite is perhaps even better than both of these when it comes to the user interface and user engagement. This app will do everything Google Sheets won’t let you!

Google Drive vs Box
Google Drive has been the go-to tool when it comes to storing files online and having other people interact with them on their own behalf. However, for common folk Google Drive is more of a storage unit. You upload your files on the drive and then have other people look into the files and give you some kind of return info. Box is very similar in this way, except it is completely low key and much more memory friendly as this app is far lighter than Google Drive and its data. Another app that does the job just as well is Dropbox, but this app has been heard of long ago – even though it is still a good alternative!

Gmail vs MyMail
MyMail isn’t so much of a replacement for Gmail, as much as it is a round up for all of your emails. We all have more than one email address, and more often than not, they are not all Gmail addresses. MyMail allows you to add as many accounts you would like, from Gmail, Live, Yahoo, and many other email providers. You can switch between accounts and work on them simultaneously, instead of having to switch between apps and have them take up your storage space.

Google PDF Viewer vs PDF to Word
PDF to Word is a great app when it comes down to handling tricky files such as PDFs. This app not only lets you view PDF files, but you can also convert files to Word for free. This feature allows you to edit all your PDFs by converting them to an editable format, such as .docx – which is the primary format for MS Word files, and also the most commonly used format in editing text-rich files.

Google Calendar vs PocketLife
Google Calendar is a nifty tool, but taking up PocketLife Calendar will change the way you organize your days and weeks up ahead. This app can also sync with your Apple Watch making it even better for everyday users. The planning options presented by PocketLife are really endless when you consider that you can make recurring events, share calendars with your colleagues, run multiple calendars at the same time and much more.

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