How to protect your computer

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Many people don’t actually think about keeping their computer safe from virus and hacking, but keep on using the computer without programs, that can help with that. You can even get some programs for free, if you want to save money, which is particularly relevant if you’re a student.

It is important to be careful about which programs you download though, as some of them will actually be virus infected. What you can do to avoid this is to read reviews about the programs, which can often indicate whether the programs are trustworthy or not. In this article we will give you advice on how to avoid virus and hacking.


Many people have at least once in their lives experienced having a virus infection in their computer. It happens very easily if you open an e-mail sent from a strange e-mail you don’t know or if you’ve downloaded a virus infected program. It can also happen if you watch movies or tv-series illegally online, where the website mostly isn’t safe.

The best thing to do to prevent a virus infection is to get at least one good anti-virus program like Norton AntiVirus 5.0.


Spyware is like the word itself indicates a program, that is installed on the computer without the users’ knowledge and has the purpose of spying on you. It means that it collects your information and traces where you’ve been on the internet. One of the ways you can block spyware is to go to and download Mackeeper, if you have a Mac computer.

If you have a regular PC there are lots of other programs you can use, but we will advise you to use the website to find the anti-spyware program that fits your computer.

Keep it private

Anti-spyware programs are a good start if you want to protect your privacy, but additionally there are other programs to make it even better. The program Saferpass 6.0.0. makes sure that you can log out from Facebook or other programs and delete browser history on your computer from your phone, if you have forgotten to log out and lend the computer to someone else.

Another program called Sticky Password remembers your passwords for you, so you don’t have to type it in every time you log on Facebook, Instagram or some other website, where you need a password. At the same time it is a secure program, that makes sure your passwords are safe from possible hackers.

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