Internet scam artist gets multi-million dollar judgement

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Disgraced internet scam artist and Orlando resident Don Karl Juravin a.k.a. Adi Jorbin has lost the court case brought against him personally by the US Government for misleading customers with false ads and illegal gag clauses in sales agreements, just to list a few of the charges.

The FTC stated that when customers would complain in online forums that the products didn’t work as advertised, Juravin would sometimes charge their credit cards as much as $3500.00, and also sue them for trumped up financial damages stemming from the online postings. The FTC has prevailed in the case and has been granted a judgment against him personally for as much as $27 million dollars. The scathing order issued on September 14, 2018 in the case styled as Federal Trade Commission vs. Don Karl Juravin, was signed by US District Judge Mary S. Scriven.

In that order, she heavily blasted Juravin for his deceptive business practices and claims of multiple medical studies to support his outrageous claims on the success ratio of using his products. Those were claims were patently false, as the studies were proven to be nonexistent. It was also noted in the order that he used paid actors to give fake testimonials on the alleged success of his products. He also used his own fake review websites to post these false testimonials without disclosure to the consumer as to who actually owned the alleged independent websites. These Juravin owned fake review websites, would then help drive web sales traffic to his main website for consumers to buy the products, which he refers to as his “Gastric Bypass Alternative NO surgery regimen”.

It was also noted that Juravin admitted under oath in his deposition earlier taken in the case that he had to “trick” his “fat customer” into buying his products through aggressive sales pressure tactics. He also admitted that he had to “scare” his “fat customer” into buying the so called “regimen” with threats of “having to go to a surgery” if they did not do so. He further admitted in that same deposition that his products were nothing more than common simple dietary fibers and his customers would lose weight anyways without the use of his products.

So now that the judgment has been granted, the FTC has 21 days to provide more evidence to help the court determine the exact amount of monies that Juravin will personally owe the US Government for the injury caused to thousands of consumers who purchased the fake goods. According to some sources close to the case, it is believed that Juravin will file bankruptcy personally, and on all of entities that he owns that were named as defendants. However, other sources have said that they believe that Juravin will flee the US, to escape enforcement and collection on the order and judgment.

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