MacX MediaTrans iPhone iPad Manager for Mac

iphone ipad
iphone ipad
Is your iPhone full?

Is your iPhone, iPod or iPad cluttered and stuffed with too much photos, videos and music? It is remarkable how fast several gigabytes of data can accumulate on your Apple device, but this is a natural development as pictures have better resolution and videos have better sound and sos on.

A few months of using your iPod, iPad or iPhone will sooner or later leave it completely full, and you will have to start deleting your holiday memories, funny videos and you favorite songs.

MacX MediaTrans for Mac makes all that stuff completely unnecessary. This software does your photos backup easy, and you also het a fast music manager and great video transfer. You can even transfer your files to a flash drive.

Your bulky 4k videos and  photos are maxing out the iPhone storage, your mp3 music files are messing up the music library, and your HD recordings has format issues, yet these files are probably your most valued possessions. MacX MediaTrans is a quick way to manage and transfer your files between iPhone iPad and Mac. No more space woes, media dumping or cluttering, and as such this is a great iTunes alternative.

MacX MediaTrans is great just for the music alone, you can import and export music, add and make playlists, edit tracks and manage your mp3 by just drag and drop.

Download the MacX MediaTrans for Mac free trial here.

There also is also a Windows version: WinX MediaTrans – The easy way to transfer photos, videos and music between iPhone iPad and Windows PC. Oh, and by the way, you might want to check out the free giveaway version here.

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