Make meetings easier with AV control systems from Neets


When it comes to office design, the board room is one of the most important strategic areas. This is where a lot of important communication happens, as well as a chunk of the decision-making process. Due in large part to COVID-19, the board room has gone from a physical location to a combination of physical and remote. Nothing can have a board room ready for both worlds like Neets equipment can.

Adapting to new AV systems
However, not all board rooms can seamlessly adapt. Most old board rooms are left in the dust to their outdated AV setup. Usually, these rooms are a mess of remotes, cables, and cords that often leave people feeling distracted and uncomfortable.

On top of all of this, the board room has been synonymous with technical issues throughout its history. Whether it is a lost remote, wrong sound channel, or a projector that will not turn on, there is a plethora of equipment that can malfunction in a breakroom.

With the help of new AV systems, it turns a bunch of complicated and independent equipment into one streamlined device used to power the entire room. Through the options Neets provides, you can work with a phone or control system to manage every aspect of your AV equipment.

While this may seem like a small thing, it instantly gives you more power over the room. Everything that becomes connected with an autonomous Neets AV system stays connected. Therefore, all one must do is use the central hub and they have full control over the room.

If anything stops working, it helps streamline the problem-solving process by having a clear idea of what has become disconnected. All in all, setting up an AV control system from Neets will make the board room as flexible as ever.

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