New Bagit! app helps you go green

iphone app
iphone app
Go green while shopping.

Bagit!, a reusable bag reminder app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices has just been released. The feature-packed app, available at, helps busy consumers ensure that reusable shopping and grocery bags are where they need them when they need them.

“We designed Bagit! to seamlessly fit into the busy lives of today’s socially conscious consumer,” said Danny Burgans, creator of Bagit!. “The app delivers alerts directly to your mobile device reminding you to put your reusable bags in the car or take them into a store. This way you never forget to take your reusable bags again.”

According to the Earth Policy Institute, more than 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic bags to degrade and they remain toxic even after they break down. Plastic bags break down into smaller, toxic plastic contaminating the environment. A single, reusable shopping bag – over its lifespan – can replace an average of 700 plastic bags.

“Using reusable shopping bags is an important step in going green,” said Burgans. “Bagit! is like having an eco-friendly digital partner or lifestyle reminder with you wherever you go. Each time you use your grocery or shopping bags, you’ll know that you’re helping to save the earth and making a difference.”

Bagit! allows users to customize a list of up to 20 stores and locations, including farmers markets, that they visit most frequently. When a user arrives at one of the stores on their list, the app sends a notification to their mobile device reminding them to take a reusable bag in with them. Users can also search for stores near them, by city or zip code, using a single tap in the app. The standard version of the app is available free. Bagit! also offers an expanded version, for a nominal fee, that allows for up to 19 additional stores and a personal shopping list.

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