Norwegian premier ice hockey league to use Wisehockey real-time analytics


The Norwegian premier ice hockey league Norwegian Elitehockey implements the Wisehockey platform. Fully automated real-time hockey analytics will be used already during the ongoing season, and the platform will be available for all teams of the league by the 2021–2022 season.

Digitalization accelerates the development of Norwegian ice hockey and enables new ways to engage and entertain fans in arenas, at home and on the move.

Norway’s premier ice hockey league Norwegian Elitehockey has started implementing the Wisehockey platform league-wide in all ten arenas. Digitalization accelerates the development of Norwegian ice hockey. The advanced analytics platform will boost coaching and enable new digital services to engage fans in arenas, at home and on the move.

”We are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Norwegian Elitehockey. Being able to expand our analytics platform even during this globally trying time is a great joint accomplishment. The Norwegian league is building an ambitious top-level set of digital services which takes Norwegian ice hockey to the next level,” says Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen.

«Norwegian Elitehockey has huge digital ambitions, and we are looking forward to a journey where we work to build world-class experiences in the arenas, on TV and on all other digital platforms. A part of the Strategy for Norsk Elitehockey is the use of innovative approaches to all league activities and initiatives. The use of sporting telematics fits perfectly into this concept. We have started cooperation with Wisehockey and are now rolling the system out in our third arena. The system is installed in Storhamar and Vålerenga, now it’s time for Stavanger, and before the playoffs it will be installed in all arenas in Norway,” says Njål Berge, Chairman of the Norwegian Elitehockey.

Wisehockey’s smart puck data can be harnessed not only for coaching but also for fan entertainment. Real-time data allows providing an enhanced fan experience via arena jumbotron, TV broadcast, mobile application and other media. In addition, advanced statistics enable new sports betting services.

“Norwegian Elitehockey is the third league in the world that implements the technology that turns real-time data into real-time entertainment. The main audience is our fans and clubs. During the games fans will see new data via the jumbotron, app and website. It will also be used by the coaching staff that can access in-depth analysis in real time, without waiting to gather and collect information,” says Berge.

Wisehockey provides the league and teams with advanced features such as automated video clipping with automatically visualized player formation highlights. The wide range of analytics also includes detailed shift statistics and team analytics alongside dozens of other features. The unique real-time Wisehockey API will be available for various service partners of the Norwegian ice hockey league.

”The Wisehockey platform is scalable for different users, which means that implementation in a new league is simple. In Norway the locals carried out the installations independently. We have made sure that managing the system runs smoothly and reliably, which creates a basis for a larger digital ecosystem,” says Mika Hulkki, Head of Product Management at Wisehockey.

The Wisehockey system has already been used in Storhamar for two years. In December the Norwegian league carried out installations in two more arenas. In the spring, the Wisehockey platform will be installed to the rest of the arenas.

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