Quality memory can last a lifetime

Replacing computer pars can add years to your PC.

As soon as a computer is built, it is almost always seen as outdated. There’s always seemingly more RAM needed to power new programs and push forward expansions, however the components inside computers are more robust than ever before and built to last for many years.

As such, Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ most prominent suppliers of computer memory and accessories in the US, has highlighted that making simple upgrades to older machines that may be considered outdated, can help them to last for many more years. So wether you have Apple hardware like an iMac or MacBook or a Windows PC, her even a Linux PC, just replacing or upgrading your hardware can save you lots of money and make your computer faster and last longer.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems, said, “Simple updates, such as upgrading RAM and hard drives can help machines run like new. Replacing batteries in laptops can also help improve the longevity, as many exchange these as soon as their batteries start to dwindle.”

Simply replacing older components and batteries that have started to lose their power is also much more cost-effective. New machines cost hundreds of dollars, whereas simple adaptors, batteries and memory can cost as little as $20.

Data Memory Systems prides itself on offering customers the best quality and lowest price parts for both PCs, netbooks and Macs. Coming in at a fraction of the price of new hardware, businesses can save thousands every year by simply looking into the reasons behind slow down, errors or poor displays.

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