SecureVPN app passes 5 million users
SecureVPN developed by Webzilla Apps Inc recently passes 5,000,000 downloads. Photo:

Surfing the web with with more security is gaining popularity. SecureVPN, the VPN platform created by Webzilla Apps Inc. has recently served 5,000,000 app installs and keeps growing, which inspires the company to develop other products.

SecureVPN apps, which are free to download, provides a secure Internet connection, encrypting user’s data and enables the new level of online security. SecureVPN may also be used by travelers to access the content of their country while abroad. Moreover, it protects users during public Wi-Fi sessions where secure data can be tracked or stolen by hackers. Apps are available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

The success of SecureVPN motivated Webzilla Apps to continue working on VPN and security products. The company has presented Webzilla VPN and Webzilla Browser. Webzilla VPN provides VPN services for free and is being supported by ads. Webzilla Browser is targeted to users who don’t want to install VPN on their devices but still need extra security and other VPN benefits.

All products developed by Webzilla Apps are based on infrastructure of, a global enterprise hosting provider. Webzilla Apps offers service locations all over the world including Luxembourg, India, United States, Netherlands and Singapore.

CTO of Konstantyn Bezruchenko said, “The synergy between us and Webzilla Apps lets our companies create quality and competitive products which are steadily take up their positions in the market and are ready to break through.” As Webzilla Apps is remarkably evolving, it is safe to say that the cooperation will be beneficial for both companies in the nearest future.

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