Social media is to blame for suicides (VIDEO)

Involved Weekly

As another week comes to an end and the UK’s Brexit decision and teen knife crime dominate the media… there is an epidemic sweeping across our nation “under the cloak of night.” There are millions of teenagers struggling with depression and mental anxiety, the large social media networks have been facilitating these messages of self hate and sadly lives are being taken at an alarming rate…

Dozens of families have come forward and accused these social media giants of aiding their children’s suicides and now, in the wake of the death of Molly Russell a 14 year old girl who engrossed herself with disturbing posts on sites like Pinterest and Instagram, her father Ian Russell says these companies must be held accountable for the content on their sites.

British Brand Management have created an online video to build awareness about this issue affecting 1 in 3 children under the age of 16. It reenacts a very real scenario and hopes to provoke the online community to wake up and do something. After watching the reconstruction, British Brand Management invites the viewer to sign the online petition, which seeks to hold these social media companies accountable for this ever growing problem and push the issue all the way to parliament.

With the likes of ITV’s Loose Women presenter Katie Price recently airing her views on the negative effects of social media content on the youth, British Brand Management’s Director Reece Johnson states “It starts with awareness, we can’t sit back and watch our next generation fall by the waist side whilst the government debate about the difficulties of enforcing online censorship.”

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