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What CAD software do you use?

The building industry as seen recovered growth within the last two years; with 2016 predicted to grow a further 6% taking the total value of construction globally to $712 billion. Consumers are feeling increasingly confident in using their dollars and investing in bricks and mortar.

The construction industry was hit the hardest in the 2009 recession, but it is now appreciating renewed investment and growth. New home owners and the older generation wanting to down size from their family homes are the house purchasers of the future.

The far reached effects this has on other companies within the building sector will be in the most part positive. Demand for workers, land, specialist and efficient design options will undoubtedly see the launch of new businesses and the growth of existing businesses within the market.

Over the last year utilities have seen unprecedented demand, an industry to have been equally effected in the recession. The growth spurt has seen many existing companies looking to increase their design departments, they are also looking to the design world for software to help them stay competitive. Staying competitive in the ever-growing market and keep up with demand will be the biggest challenge.

Companies are looking to their design departments to offer an array of design criteria to cover a range of utilities. Utilities such as; sewerage, gas and drainage are all important factors and requirements for the building industry; effectively they are the ‘must have’ as every building and house has an intrinsic need for utilities.

Although not a utility to some; surprisingly one of the largest areas of growth for new housing is in the underfloor heating sector. The global market alone is expected to be worth $7.9 billion by 2020, with Europe being the largest market. Known for its long-term energy efficiency and cost-effective installation the housing market has certainly embraced it into their list of requirements.

With all the various housing specifications under increased demand, design orientated companies are looking for ways to be able to offer the entire package and they are increasingly looking to CAD based drawing software for this purpose. The endless options are clear but many companies have been able to take advantage of companies offering free CAD software and programs.

Due to its history of reliability and flexibility CAD software has been at the forefront of both large and small businesses, with an endless list of brands and options the opportunity for minimal investment to fit their customers ever-growing demands have been an important part of company growth.

CAD’s ability to be individualized has made it market leader for over 20 years. For instance if you buy a basic specification car, you will invariably have the chance to add optional extras; sunroof, air conditioning and alloys. When you buy or look to CAD software you have the same choice and even better if it can be accessible for free.

Companies can get the basic package and ultimately personalise it to their need; albeit for sewerage or drainage and more relevant Underfloor heating, you suddenly have an impressive offering to your customer. The customer has no need to outsource the work to a list of companies, they can use one place. Its efficiency and customer service at its best.

Companies now have the flexibility to draft and design in a digital world, work which was before carried out by hand, drawings painstakingly created were scanned and sent as blueprints. With CAD Its not only quicker, safer and easier it ensures maximum output for companies looking to grow with demands of the industry.

Cadlogic are specialist developers of CAD Systems & Programs. They have expertise in software for Architectural Design, Construction design, building design, engineering, structural and many other design specific companies. Cadlogic offer customers a high level of automation access with a focus on optimizing design efficiency, quality and accuracy. The company work closely with clients offering a unique and tailor made service with support from its customer focussed design engineers. Cadlogic offer a range of design software options benefiting clients at all levels of the design process. The company ensure clients can create, print and save drawings and designs in their own time and work space. To find out more, visit

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