This is why websites have to be mobile friendly

shopping iphone

Since the first smartphones was introduced to the marketplace a few years back, mobile phones like iPhones and Android phones like Samsung have become commonplace. Even kids have smartphones.

And many also have tablets like iPad and other brands. In short, the days where you only surfed the web on a PC or laptop is definitely over. Actually, most people surf the web with smartphones than computers.

Personal computers are big and some are quite expensive, smartphones however is mostly cheap and are easy to carry around. So it only makes sense that we use mobile devices to browse the web.

That is why websites have to be mobile friendly, or responsive as some people call sites built for both computers and mobile devices.

Lets say you are moving your furniture from one place to another and have to get the help from movers. Where do you find contact information for available movers? The phone book is history and you computer is probably already packed away.

So you use your mobile phone to search online. Lets say you find, a moving company in Norway, and try to browse their website, and the site is not mobile friendly.

Unable to use the site, you have to search for another moving company. Luckily is mobile friendly so this is not an issue, but some sites are not, so even Google has ranked sites that are not mobile friendly lower so users dont find them as often.

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