Top 7 important trends in e-commerce

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Following are some of the most recent e-commerce trend that you should check. These trends in e-commerce sector will define the future of a business site that offers online products as well as delivery just like Amazon.

1. Faster shipping and delivery
E-commerce has made several improvements over the years. In the future, it will be more about fast shipping and better delivery services. Even Amazon is working on a system called Prime Air, drone system that will deliver products to the customers within 30 minutes. This is where most of the e-commerce businesses should invest to make impact and generate more sales.

2. Machine learning and AI
The e-commerce future is all about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In this industry, the orders are increasing day by day and human labor can’t deal with the amount of work. So machines with better ability, learning and intelligence will be successful. Any e-commerce business that follows artificial intelligence and integrates it with its deliver system will make more impact.

3. Going mobile-friendly
There is no denying that more people are using smartphones these days. The trend to browse and search online has changed from desktops to mobile. More than 70% users coming online and searching products use phone browsers. For this, the e-commerce industry must make purchasing, payment as well as checking out on mobile more convenient, simpler and user-friendly. Any brand that aces these things will surely top in earnings and getting more customers.

4. Voice search
Yes, the virtual assistants like Siri, Bixby, Crotona and others are becoming more popular. Users prefer to dictate their voice assistant for shopping, making payment, choosing products and a lot more on e-commerce sites. For this reason, there should be better compatibility of voice search on E-Commerce business sites. This will surely impact the revenues, sales and attract more customers. This will become more popular in near future.

5. Storefront apps
As a huge number of online customers are using mobile phones for shopping and other stuff, the companies are now focusing on storefront apps of their businesses and brands. That means, the users will get apps of every brand like Amazon or any other and they will be able to browse, search products, log in, make payments and order products through these apps.

6. Product videos
Yes, this is something that will be trending in next future years for the e-commerce industry. Now, few sites use high quality videos for the products to show testimonials and guide the users. Seeing how popular YouTube is going for quality content, the customers expect that all products should feature quality videos about the products on specs, features, user guide and other relevant details.

7. Image search
Image search will get more popular. Many users see attractive couch or other product images but can’t find the price, details and where to get them. So if they are facilitating in a way that they can search the same product through images, they will surely buy. This will increase sales and make more profit for the e-commerce industry.

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