Top 8 software products for business

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The software market is awash with various products, and finding something among them that will suit the needs of a business owner is quite a task. Andersen, a software outsourcing company with offices in nine countries, understands this problem very well. Since 2007, the company has been developing IT solutions for enterprises worldwide and knows what business people are usually looking for. Hence, Andersen has decided to provide an independent selection of software, both old-established and newly-appeared, which the company considers the most business-friendly.

#1 KanbanFlow – for managing tasks
A virtual board for visualizing the workflow within a team according to Kanban project management. The board is divided into four columns: “To-do,” “Do today,” “In progress” and “Done”; each task assigned to a team member moves to the next column reflecting the status of work. This software was chosen due to its simplicity of use and helpful functionality, such as the possibility to split tasks into subtasks, upload files, limit the number of tasks in the “In progress” column, filter task view, mark a task as repeating, etc. KanbanFlow can be used with laptops, tablets, and phones.

#2 HootSuite – for filling social media
A marketing tool for managing social media content. Using this product, a person can organize the content of all their social media channels in a single content library, plan and schedule posts, search for striking content to share, as well as view, generate, and export reports on their results. The functionality also caters to taking the content from cloud storage, managing content teams, and connecting third-party analytical and content tools that are already being used. The platform also has a mobile version available in Play Market and App Store.

#3 TripIt – for business trip planning
A mobile application aimed at helping people follow their business trip plans. After making necessary reservations (tickets, taxi, a hotel room, a restaurant, etc.), it is necessary to forward the confirmation emails from the services to TripIt, and the app will prepare a trip itinerary so that the user always knows where to go next and won’t forget a single appointment. The app also includes a navigator, provides maps of airports, shows places nearby, as well as gives the possibility to check weather reports, departure times and delays.

#4 CamCard – for digital storing of cards
A business card reader application available for both Android and iOS users. The app eliminates the necessity to store hundreds of paper cards and dial a contact number manually. The user needs to scan the card with the phone camera, and the application will read and extract all the information saving it on the smartphone. There is also the possibility to add notes to contacts, set reminders, and exchange e-cards.

#5 GlobePayroll – for personnel management and payroll accounting
A SaaS solution for payroll control and HR-management; plus, one of the largest projects Andersen worked on. Ideal for companies with offices in different countries. The product includes: full information about employees; notifications; various configurable parameters on the basis of which the payroll is done; functionality for monitoring the amount of taxes and other social contributions to governmental and non-governmental institutions paid from salaries; analytical tools; means of drawing and sending any report in the format required by the regulatory institution in each country.

#6 Slack – for efficient business communication
A truly convenient messaging platform. The app allows for creating public, private, and direct message channels, calling, sharing files of various formats easily, as well as integrating with software like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Salesforce. What makes Slack Andersen’s choice among other similar applications is the product reliability (stable functioning), security (approved for sending sensitive data), and inexpensiveness (the Plus account costs $12.50 per month).

#7 LastPass Password Manager – for secure access
A secure vault of passwords, which provides means for storing all user’s passwords in one place so that they don’t have to remember thousands of combinations. Apart from that, the software offers password autocomplete, secure password sharing, an embedded password generator, making access to resources risk-free. In order to ensure the security of user data, reliable encryption algorithms, exclusively local encryption, and two-factor authentication are used. Using LastPass, it’s only needed to remember one password from the LastPass account and nothing more. The software is available as a web extension and a mobile app.

#8 Polaris Office – for efficient work with documents
A free office suite that is available on all devices and popular operating systems. The software allows for working with documents, tables, and presentations; provides means for viewing, editing, and transforming PDF files; supports most image formats; offers a wide range of tools for creating and editing files. In other words, Polaris Office is a full-featured software solution. Its main advantages are the synchronization of all files with connected devices and broad customization options.

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