US launch for Heal app

heal app
heal app
Heal is transforming healthcare with unhurried house calls.

The Heal app has delivered 16,000 house calls doctor visits in two years and is now coming to select cities in New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania as part of a national rollout.

In two years, Heal has driven more than $5.9 million in healthcare savings costs, reduced unnecessary prescription antibiotic usage by more than 50 percent, raised $52 million in funding, and reduced non-emergency trips to the ER/urgent care by 62 percent for its patients and partners.

Additionally, Heal has delivered 16,000 patient house call visits, and plans to grow that number exponentially through its availability in select cities within Florida, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania, by the end of 2017.

“In February 2015, we saw our first Heal patient – ever,” said Nick Desai, CEO and co-founder at Heal. “With visionary investors and a world-class team, we are excited to more fully realize our mission of striving to make healthcare more effective, intuitive, and affordable for all.”

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