Why are 3D illusion lamps so popular?


You have many options when decorating your home – you can opt for a more classic, traditional look, or you can go all out and let your personality shine with a unique style and theme. But there’s no denying that many of us go for a balance between ingenuity and personality and classic, timeless appeal. We want to make sure that our homes can showcase us and what we like and we also make it a point to choose our décor wisely.

Now, there is one type of practical and functional décor which has seemed to have taken the world by storm: 3D illusion lamps. If you like practical yet stylish gadgets and would like to add a bit more personality to your home’s décor and theme, 3D illusion lamps are definitely a great deal. They’re not only functional but beautiful and a real conversation-starter as well. So, what are 3D illusion lamps and why are they so popular today? Here, your top questions are answered.

What are they?
3D illusion lamps are exactly what their name implies: they’re LED lamps which come in different design, from teddy bear cubs to DNA sequence designs and everything in between, but what makes them fantastic is their originality and functionality. As you may already know, LED lamps are more energy efficient than other kinds of lighting and they are brighter and eco-friendlier. LED lamps are so efficient that they only consume about 10% of the energy consumed by traditional desk lighting and also, these LED lamps can last for a long time, making your light investment more than worth it (although they are not expensive at all – which adds to their popularity as well).

A typical 3D lamp using LEDs will consist of a bright ‘optical illusion’ which has a base (the actual light source) made from ABS material as well as a laser-engraved plate made from acrylic, and this is the element which gives the ‘illusion’ of an object that looks like it’s suspended in the air. 3D lamps come in different colours and designs and the lamps come with an option to change the colours as well – all you have to do is tap the lamp’s base or use a remote to change or switch the color.

Why are they so popular?
3D illusion lamps are popular for many reasons and even though they’re relatively new on the market, a lot of customers have already purchased them for their own homes or as gifts for friends and family. You can essentially use 3D illusion lamps for a variety of purposes, but one particularly popular way they are used is in children’s bedrooms. As we know, many kids want to feel comfortable while they sleep hence the popularity of night lights. But rather than going with a boring old night light, you can provide a safer, brighter, more attractive and original (and more energy efficient) alternative with a 3D illusion lamp. You can select from various designs and shapes, and you can pick a cartoon character, a superhero, a character from a book or game, and more. There are some great designs out there, and kids particularly like the cartoon character and superhero-themed 3D LED lamps.

Another reason why 3D lamps are so popular is that they’re a brilliant idea for a gift. If you are giving a gift to someone but aren’t really sure of what to give them (they may be one of the lucky few who seems to have everything), then providing them with a really unique gift like a 3D illusion lamp is an excellent choice. There’s a myriad of designs and shapes for adults as well – from butterflies and hearts to pyramids to Star War figures and animals, you can virtually find anything you fancy.

3D lamps are also great for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween if you want to enhance your décor. Get a 3D lamp for your own home, and they’re guaranteed to provide added personality and originality to your bedroom, living area, den and family room, and more.

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