Dark Web Notebook now available

dark web
A practical guide to the hidden Internet.

Arnold Information Technology has published the Dark Web Notebook: Investigative Tools and Tactics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence Organizations.

The 250-page book provides an investigator with instructions and tips for the safe use of the Dark Web.

The Dark Web Notebook was inspired by attendees at Arnold’s Dark Web training sessions, lectures, and webinars. The Notebook provides specific information an investigator or intelligence professional can use to integrate Dark Web information into an operation.

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“The information in the Dark Web Notebook will allow an investigator to access the Dark Web quickly and in a way that protects his or her actual identity. In addition to practical information, the book explains how to gather information from the Dark Web” Stephen E Arnold, author of the Dark Web Notebook, said.

Orders and requests for more information be directed to darkwebnotebook@yandex.com. Purchasers must verify that they work for a law enforcement, security, or intelligence organization. The Dark Web Notebook is not intended for general distribution due to the sensitive information it contains.

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