Bible Facebook Page Has 10 Million Fans

The Bible is popular on Facebook.

More than 10 million people now turn to the Digital Bible page on Facebook ( for their source of daily Bible encouragement.  The page that is operated by United Bible Societies combines Scripture verses on the major themes of the Bible with captivating visual imagery.  Twelve volunteers from every continent manage ministry aspects like personal prayer and counseling done through the site.  The page was started in February 2009 by the Bible Society of New Zealand, but today encouraging Bible verses are posted in 5 languages: English, Afrikaans, French, German and Tagalog.

Over half a million people engage with the page each day, making it one of the top Christian social media pages in the world. Still, Adrian White, Chief Operating Officer of UBS, says that the page’s huge popularity is due to providing Bible verses that address God’s answers for human needs. Digital Bible future plans are by no means modest.  In 2016 the site will introduce live meetings of followers to honour and celebrate God together and currently volunteers for new languages are recruited with the help of Bible Societies.

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