Directory submission secrets

directory submission

Some “SEO experts” are calming that directory submissions don’t work, and others say it does. But you don’t have to be a SEO expert to conclude that lots of SEO links from authority websites has good SEO value for your website.

Directories are still great SEO
Big names in the SEO community from all over the world still recommends directory submissions, so it must be a reason. Directories are search engines powered by human beings. Getting listed on some of the biggest directories is important because many people will see your listing.

In addition, if you are listed in several directories, crawler-based search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will index your pages faster and improve your rankings in search results because of higher link popularity.

Succeed with preparations
You should prepare before submitting to any directory. It is usually best to use a directory submission service company to do your submissions as there are actually hundreds of quality directories you can submit your website to. You must generate several titles that contain your search words.

You also have to make several written descriptions of your website that contains about 50 words. These descriptions should make use of the two or three keywords to make the listings more relevant.

It is essential that the descriptions you write don’t use typical marketing language like “the biggest”, “best store” and “largest website”. Instead describe your business or website in a more neutral manner. Pick the most fitting category and then submit, you must also remember to confirm your submission. After confirming your directory submission your site should get approved within days.

Authority directories
No directory submission effort is complete without submitting your website to authority directories like The Internet Public Library, Three Link Directory and several others. Some of the biggest directories don’t have free or reciprocal submissions, so you have to set a budget and compare directories.

Niche directories
Almost all countries also have several national directories like the Norwegian business directory Bedriftsbasen. For instance, if your site is american, you should consider submitting to niche directories for your state as well as your industry. There are also special niche directories for adult, medical, automotive and travel sites – or any other industry.

The benefits of doing this extra submission work will in most cases result in very high ranking i search results. Also, the SERP effect of submitting your site to niche directories for your country or industry is substantial, the only problem is that there are few – if any – companies providing good niche directory submission services.

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