Doctor creates free weight loss program


J. David Prologo, MD, FSIR, ABOM-D, founder of The Catching Point Transformation, is the world’s only dual board-certified interventional obesity medicine specialist – and he has decided to give away his knowledge to the world, for free.

“Thanks to the era of bariatric surgeries and procedures, we now understand weight loss as never before,” says Prologo. “We also understand why so many people have struggled with weight loss before now.”

It has been discovered in recent years that overweight and obese patients face a unique challenge when trying to lose weight. The body fights back in the name of survival and makes it nearly impossible to stay on diets or decrease our calories.

The only way to lose weight – for real – is to somehow block the body from fighting back. According to Prologo, “The body can be tamed with procedures, medications or by attending to recovery, and recovery cannot be written into a program on paper.”

As a result, Prologo has teamed up with software coding specialists in Atlanta and created a program for weight loss transformation centered on recovery. The program is responsive to the user. It adapts to changes in the user’s life and stays with him/her through thick and thin so that a real change can be made.

“We are trying to help humans here,” says Prologo, “not make money. I just want to see people succeed. We don’t charge users. We don’t sell advertisements. We don’t ask for credit cards or bank accounts. We only ask that you finish once you start…”

The program is found at a website hosted by Dr. Prologo. Users can create an individualized program at no charge here.

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