How to find useful information online

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We all use the internet for lots of different purposes like entertainment, work, news and communication. But the web also has lots of useful information like health, life hacks, DIY projects, legal information and so much more.

However, since the expansion of the web, the number of sites has increased and search engines show lots of information that is not really useful. So here are som sites and techniques that you can use to find the best useful information.

Long searches: When using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo most people just use one search keyword witch gives you search results that are not helpful. Instead, use long search phrases like “italian pasta recipes” instead of “italian food”.

YouTube videos: The social video sharing site YouTube is growing by the second, and if you search for almost anything, you will most likely find a useful video about it.

Facebook groups: The social network Facebook is the most used of the social sites, besides sharing updates among relatives and friends, Facebook also has a big community of different groups of other Facebook users that has similar interests like music, work, politics, food, animals and so much more.

Encyclopedias: There are lots of other encyclopedias than Wikipedia, you can find some of the here. There are even subject specific encyclopedias ins various subjects like cars, finance, language, science and so on.

Online resources: Besides YouTube videos, Facebook groups and encyclopedias there are also lots of other online resources where you can find specific news, tips and other useful information. The best way is using long searches in search engines to find sites like that. For instance legal advice for housing on sites like Eiendomsrett can be found searching for different search phrases.

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