Local newspaper Bodøposten.no making waves in Norway


Most people now get their news online, physical paper editions of newspapers are decreasing rapidly. Some news outlets have paywalls for some or all news items, but some news sites are completely free.

And the popularity of some of the new news outlets is in many cases rather impressive.

The local newspaper Bodøposten.no in Bodø, Norway is one of these newly established online newspapers that offer free access. In a very short period of time the newspaper has reached among the top 5000 most visited sites in Norway according to Alexa.com.

– Our main competitors are local newspapers and other local online media houses. Therefore we try to publish different and interesting news stories that not just resonates with the public sentiment but also has captivating content. We also publish breaking news when there are any so that the viewers do not miss out on any important “Wildfire News”, editor Gunnar Andreassen said to Times Of Startups.

But the increase in popularity also has an ugly backside, Bodøposten.no also is experiencing a sharp increase in hacking attempts. The online newspaper has recorded over 1.400 attempts in just 5 months.

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