New book: “Fighting Identity Theft – The Steps Before Litigation”

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Most of our information has gone digital and individuals looking to commit identity theft can go “dumpster diving” from their laptops. Fraudsters have more tools both online and offline to steal our identity. To prevent the high prevalence of identity theft cases, Joseph P. McClelland, LLC, an Atlanta identity theft attorney launched a book “Fighting Identity Theft – The Steps Before Litigation”. This book creates an awareness among people about identity theft and helps in many ways to avoid them happening.

While speaking at newsroom, Joseph P. McClelland said “I started my legal career overseas in Moscow fighting for human rights, prison and judicial reform. Now I spend my time litigating identity theft and credit report cases in federal courts.” The book covers step by step instructions on various topics including how to stop unwanted calls to your cell, how to stop debt collectors calling wrong number & get paid, fastest way to stop debt collector calls etc. One such topic, this book has focused is “credit bureaus”.

People are familiar with the term “credit bureau”, a company that collects and maintains individual credit information and sells it to lenders, creditors, and consumers in the form of a credit report. Finding discrepancies or unfamiliar accounts on these reports can point to reporting errors, that could negatively affect your credit score or potentially indicate identity theft.

To elaborate the topic on credit bureaus, Joseph P. McClelland said “Identity theft is not as common as people think. Many of the issues are not identity theft, but rather the credit bureaus making a mistake. How does identity theft in Georgia happen? How can I defend against identity theft?”

He further added “Are you sure this is not a problem with the credit bureaus like Equifax in Atlanta, Georgia? What is a merged or mismatched file or credit report? How do I dispute information on my credit that is not mine? Will credit bureaus take this information off my credit report if I dispute with the credit bureaus directly? When do I need to get a consumer credit attorney involved with bad credit errors? What if the information on my credit that is not mine is good or bad? All these situations my book can help you”.

The book by Joseph P. McClelland presents different strategies to avoid identity theft and everyone can learn the subject in simple language that are needed to get identity theft accounts removed or get paid damages.

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