New gig marketplace site Youvize launched


After six months in private-beta, Youvize is revealing its much-anticipated advice platform: on both web and mobile. The platform marketplace takes a new approach to distributed work, knowledge-sharing and information access, empowering anyone to find or provide one-on-one expert advice through live video meetings.

A variety of advisors, including coaches, fitness instructors, consultants, and tutors are using the platform to deliver on-demand personalized advice to the platform’s users.

The Silicon-Valley based team at Youvize has kept a low-profile, operating in stealth-mode for over a year building the all-in-one platform with a team of only a half dozen. The founders attracted the backing of some big names in angel investing and technology with grants from Nvidia’s Inception program. Investors clearly see the potential value as Youvize solves many of the issues plaguing both traditional social media and the gig economy alike. 

The platform is unique in its level of democratization, allowing its service providers, all referred to as ‘advisors,’ to set their own fee per minute, relying on client reviews and ratings to determine their reputation score and value. With over a dozen categories, users can find advice in categories ranging from personal coaching to specialized technology consulting. Youvize expects this to be a particularly attractive option for gig-economy workers and professional service providers with valuable skill sets that clients can access on-demand and virtually from the comfort of their own home.

Youvize founders, Alex Dean Foster and Cody Nault acknowledge they were in the right place at the right time, starting the Virtual Services company only months before the Covid Pandemic took the world by surprise in early 2020. CEO, Alex Foster, formerly with the Wall Street Journal and Google stated this week their mission at Youvize is “to create an entirely new virtual services economy that vastly improves our ability to quickly access high-quality information” – Foster believes that by augmenting traditional internet search with peer-to-peer expert advice, users can potentially find answers to complex inquiries in minutes rather than days of manual unguided internet search. 

Youvize CTO, Cody Nault has promised an unprecedented level of privacy, security and transparency for users in the hope of becoming a leading on-demand knowledge sharing platform for virtual expert advisory services. In an unusual move, Youvize has pledged not to use any intrusive user tracking and retains almost no personal information about its users. The company has further developed a proprietary video communications technology to securely deliver encrypted peer-to-peer video communication without relying on centralized servers. 

The team believes these measures and privacy safeguards can enable it to serve all forms of advice in every category with a level of security typically reserved for HIPAA compliant medical communications. With privacy and information credibility continuing to grow as concerns for both consumers, governments, and businesses, Youvize is a meaningful step in the right direction earning praise from security experts and privacy advocates alike. 

While the long-term impact of the covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain, it seems clear that efforts such as these will help ensure access to valuable advisory services for people most adversely affected by the pandemic.

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