New Shopify app delivers revenue growth for online merchants

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E-commerce and POS merchants using Shopify now have a powerful new app to quickly increase revenues from both online and in-store return customer visits. Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a groundbreaking “instantly-redeemable rewards” loyalty app on the Shopify App Store, seamlessly integrating with Shopify E-Commerce, Shopify POS and legacy loyalty programs.

Some CLA merchants have seen sales to returning customers increase by 1500% in just the first three months with this simple but highly effective loyalty rewards program.

As consumer behavior rapidly shifts to more E-Commerce, CLA’s instantly redeemable rewards program helps merchants quickly respond to customer demand for simpler programs that offer immediate rewards, versus complicated points-based plans. CLA also compliments Shopify’s rollout of new merchant support tools like Shopify Balance to help merchants thrive in a quickly changing marketplace.

“The days of cards offering 10 points per dollar or a 1% value proposition are over. The future is all about relevance and aligning the program’s value to the customer,” according to Precima President Brian Ross, a leading global retail strategy and analytics company.

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator app does exactly that, empowering merchants to identify their high-value customers and reward them with an immediate “customer loyalty” cash incentive. In exchange, the customer provides accurate contact information the merchant can use to greatly enhance personalization and obtain other competitive marketing data so critical in this new era of e-commerce digital marketing.

Cash incentives are a far more effective substitute to discounting, coupons and other promotions that diminish profit margins and brand value.

“We are honored to integrate our app with Shopify e-commerce and POS to provide a new level of merchant opportunity by delivering relevant and compelling rewards that will drive higher return customer revenues and a great ROI,” said Alan Steinberg, CEO of Encore Incentives, the parent company of the Customer Loyalty Accelerator. “For Shopify merchants looking to boost revenues now, we believe no other incentive program can increase customer spending as quickly on return visits,” Steinberg said.

The Encore Incentives management team is led by a brain trust of marketing professionals with deep roots in data development and entrepreneurial technology. CEO Alan Steinberg established himself as a pioneering entrepreneur in developing big data analytics at Intel and other major tech companies. Scott Goble, CTO and VP of Engineering, previously served as a Principal Software Development Manager at Microsoft and played a critical role in numerous releases of Windows including the launch of Windows 10.

Customer Loyalty Accelerator meets all General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to be fully compliant with Canada, European and U.S. markets.

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